Brewed in San Diego

Cab. Oak Aged 650nm

New limited

We aged our coveted Irish Red Ale 650 nanometers 3 months in a Cabernet wine oak barrel. The result of the aging process yielded a smooth red ale with a pleasant wine aroma, caramel malt flavor, earthy herbal and oak finish. We brewed this limited edition ale with the traditional passion of St. Valentines’ day.

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice is our winter seasonal ale. We use a copious amount of pumpkin puree and a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and allspice to make this winter time elixir. With low bitterness (19 IBU) and 6% ABV, it comes with a nice nose and a balanced pumpkin/ spice flavor.

Area 51 IPA


Area 51 IPA is our East Coast style Maple IPA with an International Bitterness Unit of 91. It provides an hoppy punch balanced with the sweetness of maple.

SD Summer Solstice

SD Summer Solstice is our Blonde Ale. Packed with moderate amount of Centennial hops, It has a refreshing citrus aroma. Great for a sunny San Diego day.

Project 101

Our Amerian stout. Very smooth.

Cyano Cream Ale

Cyano Cream Ale is our blueberry cream ale. This is our most recent addition. Come and enjoy this nice crisp light beer.

Final Gravity

Final Gravity  is our Russian Imperial Stout.  With over 9% ABV, this stout has character.  Loaded with chocolate malt and roasted barley it has a dark chocolate and barleywine-like flavors.  9.0-9.5% ABV, 54 IBU

Project 99

Project 99 is a dry dark Brown Ale. This is a new beer style characterized by low residual sugars. It has chocolate and nut tones as well as an earthy hops backbone and clean finish. 4.5-5.0% ABV, 24 IBU

Tiramisu Brown

Tiramisu Brown is our Boron Brown Ale enhanced with cappuccino extracts to amplify the coffee and tiramisu flavors. 5.0-5.5% ABV, 17 IBU

Boron Brown

Boron Brown is our English Brown Ale that has a pleasant flavor, featuring notes of smooth caramel and hints of coffee. 5.0-5.5% ABV, 17 IBU

Planck’s Peppers

Planck’s Peppers is our Pale Ale spiked with habañero peppers. We throw in just the right amount of peppers to give it a unique flavor, perking up tastebuds while not annihilating them with heat. 7.0-7.5% ABV, 23 IBU

Pale’s Constant

Pale’s Constant is our full bodied Pale Ale with citrusy aromas that is well balanced and low on the bitterness scale. It is sweet but strong with over 7% alcohol by volume. 7.0-7.5%, 23 IBU

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